Arbitration is a simple and less expensive alternative to litigation. Disputes are brought before a neutral third party (the arbitrator) who will hear and carefully decide your case alone or work with your selected arbitrators to decide your case. Written opinions are available in every case. Arbitration offers parties a legal decision without the monetary expense, time commitment and inconvenience of court proceedings.

Case Evaluation

Case evaluation provides parties to a lawsuit with an independent and neutral third-party review of their case. The end result is a recommendation regarding the value and liability with the objective of bringing the parties closer to settlement.


Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding method to resolve disputes. At BCMAC, the parties to a dispute meet in an informal setting and at their convenience with an experienced third-party neutral attorney (the mediator) to reach an agreement satisfactory to all the parties. The parties craft their own solutions with the help of the mediator. The mediator never compels the outcome; instead, the mediator encourages the disputing parties to find common ground and resolve the dispute on their own terms.