Guiding parties to disputes with alternative litigation

We offer attorneys an alternative to the cost- and time-consuming litigation process with our professional and experienced approach to case resolution.


We are experienced in neutral arbitration, mediation, case evaluation and other out-of-court settlement procedures.

Arbitration offers parties a legal decision without the monetary expense…

Case evaluation provides parties to a lawsuit with a neutral third-party…

The mediator encourages the disputing parties to find common ground…

Meet Barbara N. Lyons

An experienced attorney since 1981, Barbara has practiced law as both a defense attorney and a plaintiffs’ attorney  until she became a neutral lawyer in 1994.

We offer specialized services, time and talents to the community

Its founder, Barbara N. Lyons, is a strong proponent of giving back. Here are just some ways Barbara and BCMAC serve the Bucks County Community…


BCMAC provides real-world solutions to our wide range of clients

Life happens. And as a result, it is inevitable that disputes will arise but they don’t always have to end in litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as arbitration, mediation, and other out-of-court settlement procedures can provide efficient and effective results that satisfy all of the parties involved […]

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